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Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. -Martin Luther King Jr.

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As has been said, “only love, can conquer hate” problems come up in life, in family, in business, and mediation can be a very valuable tool. 


J Grant Kennedy, a 35 year veteran litigator and trial attorney on about every imaginable type of case small and large is offering you a new solution to mediation.


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1. We are more affordable. Substantially so.

2. We put at our core philosophy LOVE, understanding, and respect. Finding the original basis of parties in a dispute takes them back to before the issues in dispute, if they had no relationship we look at  fundamental rules of fairness and duty.

3. We have over 10 locations in Los Angeles and Ventura for your convenience.

4. We start early in your problem with the idea that if parties can see the “end up front” before they spend a fortune in legal fees they can be in a preferred position.

5. We start with a short mediation, we do not require extensive briefs, a quick brief of the basic issue not only helps the parties but saves time and money.

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Mistakenly, some people think trying to mediate is a sign of weakness.


To the contrary, the facts are what they are, we can early on narrow down the key issues, mediate discovery issues while trying to resolve the case.


Your effort to mediate a discovery the issues up front may save you a fortune.




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Dispute is



After 35 years as last minute trial counsel, going into cases the night before trial started with sometimes 20 boxes of material I learned that the real issue, the item of content is simple and clear and a legal dispute is essentially two or more different views of a dispute. But there is only one set of facts. We put those together up front to explore options to resolve them up front.

 For example, the key issue may be liability regarding a set of facts of conduct. Was a vehicle driving too fast, was there harassment, was there a violation of employment rules. These facts should be fairly ascertainable. Lawyers create a host of allegations and oppositions but truthfully after spending a ton of money on both sides ultimately it just comes down to the core facts. That is what we do in early mediation. Define the issues, see if we can resolve them, and if not, we have a compass to guide reasonable discovery and disputes there from to save the most money for both sides.

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Most cases settle before trial, it is just a matter of when.

The longer a legal matter goes the more it costs.

If you can avoid the expense of letter writing campaigns, discovery and the preparation for trial, you will considerable expense and aggravation. The facts are the facts.

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