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At Love Legal Mediation, we do international, national and local mediation. How do we do it? Find out below.




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Check out how we can offer 11 local locations and anywhere in the world with video conferencing and networking!


We have fellow mediators all over the world we can connect with! We will have a list coming soon.


We use state of the art technology like Zoom video chat to speak to all parties of the mediation around the world! This is extremely fast, cost effective and convenient for anyone.

11 office locations

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Why International?


Love Legal Mediation wants to do international mediation for many, many reasons. One being, we can connect with people all over the world, including fellow mediators. Networking with these mediators and showing you who they really are is extremely beneficial to both parties. We will be interviewing and sharing with you all our connections around the world, that way, you’ll always find the perfect mediator for you. With the power of technology, you should be able to talk with your favorite mediator, no matter where you are. There’s absolutely no reason for you to not be able to talk with your favorite mediator even from your home, with our latest technology. We use Zoom video chat to give the most in person experience possible. It is more comfortable for everyone and it gets the job done just as well. 

What about the “Love” in Love Legal Mediation?


Mediation facilitates negotiations. Disputes and conflict involve a range of emotions and perspectives that can be walls even to people who previously enjoyed great relationships. Business partners, clients, customers and/or family can be perfectly harmonious then that valuable relationship gets hung up on a issue that looks and it feels like the end of the world. Having someone to listen and help evolve workable solutions from the conflict is smart.

The value of a relationship can’t be overstated. A key client, a partner, people you had a successful and profitable relationship with turned soured can be both heartbreaking and expensive. Not just in legal fees but also in lost productivity, emotional, but also in the loss of the profitable synergy you had. Finding and putting together that relationship and/or that deal takes time, money and resources. Mending instead of starting fresh can be beneficial to all. That unique bond that brings people together to benefit both. What is it? I think it is a kind of love.


Where Can I See Examples of Zoom?

You can check out what we do with zoom by searching up “Pros With Kennedy” on YouTube. We post interviews, “Behind A Brand” we’ve done for different people. This can help you feel more comfortable using Zoom as your form of communication.

how international mediation helps you.

An example could be shoes. What if you owned a business and ordered a lot of red shoes from a supplier in China. You were excited to get the shipment in then you got the package and they were all blue. What do you do to mediate the situation? Would you or your lawyer have to go to China to talk to the supplier? That would be extremely expensive and very time consuming, that’s why we use technology. It saves all of the parties an extreme amount of money as well as time!

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When you do local mediation with us, we provide the most high quality offices possible. Here are some pictures of our locations at the Barrister Executive Suites. 




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