Surely you have seen the Movie with Bill Murry “Groundhog Day”. If not please do. The lead character repeats the same day over and over and over and over and learns along the way that if his approach is to master the day and give each day his absolute best the result is a transformation from a miserable existence to one of great joy and progress.
Please take a second to ask yourself what is your groundhog score? How do you rate your approach to each day? If you approach it as Bill Murray first does being grumpy, angry discontent give yourself a 0-3, if you are exuberant, curious about life, learning, challenging yourself, seeing the joy and rewards that can exist give yourself an 8-10. You see the pattern. You get what you give. Almost always a truism in life perhaps. You reap what you sow. Create a chart, my guess is you will see a pattern.
Now keep in mind please, I do not have the answer, but this seems to make some sense to me. There is so much we can do even with limitations we must endure. Masterclasses, great books we put off, exercise programs, calling friends instead of texting, zoom meetings, zoom parties. A time to value every minute and make it count and see its beauty and opportunity. To maximize our happiness, why not give it a try? Take it for a free trial period, no charge now or ever. No costs, no expense ever.
The reward? Sometimes the best things in life are free and sometimes solutions are right before our eyes. Hugs friends.